Search engines like YouTube and Facebook generate millions of search results for products and services every day. Inclusion in these search results is an opportunity to increase customer awareness of the company's products or services. To achieve this goal, companies need to implement Social media drive management.

Social media management consists of the following steps:

Develop a strategy

The first step is to develop a defining strategy; the type of content the campaign wants to promote; the brand message the content will contain; and the community to which the content is delivered.

Distribute content

Before content can be disseminated, it must be optimized to achieve a high position in search engine results. This requires an online sales advisory service provider to do keyword research and use the correct keywords for each piece of content

Content management

Once the content is distributed, it needs to be managed in terms of SEO and customer initiatives for the campaign. When a search engine changes its indexing criteria, the content is optimized for the new criteria. As customer initiatives change, existing content is transferred and new content is developed.

Step 4: monitoring and reporting

The results are monitored and reported by the service provider using web analytics. Monitoring includes; Rating the amount of content generated; how many hits it got; how much web traffic is served.

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