A clean garbage bin promotes hygiene and better health. However, an unclean dustbin will be breeding ground for bacteria and insects. You can use warm water to clean the garbage bin , but it is a time-consuming and tedious task. Proper cleaning of garbage bin can be done if you follow certain cleaning tips mentioned below.

Cleaning a garbage bin is a monotonous and hectic task. In addition, for those who often face the problem of rodents and insects visiting their dust bins, cleaning comes with a lot of effort. Many people have now started using various ways to keep their dustbins clean from the inside as well as outside without taking much time and effort.

A clean and functioning garbage bin is a must for every home and office. If you can’t segregate the wet and dry waste, you won’t be able to effectively avoid clogging your drainage system. Therefore, it’s important to take proper care of the dustbin that you use in your house or office.

Tips to Get a Squeaky-Clean garbage bin with Little Effort

1. Wear Gloves

Gloves are extremely useful, especially when it comes to cleaning. You can avoid getting your hands dirty while also protecting them at the same time. When gloves are worn, you don’t have to worry about getting germs, oil deposits, or dirt particles stuck in your fresh manicure.

You need to wear gloves when handling strong chemicals like bleach and other disinfectants. This avoids contact with the skin and also reduces the chances of spilling chemicals on your hands that can harm you.

2. Hose Down Your Garbage Bin 

Baskets and dustbins can be dirty places riven with creatures that don’t belong. So, the last thing you want to do is touch them directly. Instead, learn how to clean it the easy way: grab a hose pipe and spray your dustbin, let it dry and ta-da! A sunny and shudder-free bin.

For some remarkable reason, many believe that hose-down is an inefficient cleaning method. This is because the water does not flow smoothly on the bin's surface. It brings out an uneven flow which runs down into the bin's crevices, thus washing the dust only on the surface of the bin.

3. Use a Disinfectant

A dirty dustbin is of no use. Your family may buy you a new trash can every time they get sick of smelling the bad odour of the old dustbin. There are some extremely simple steps to follow to clean your dustbin in an effective manner.

A squeaky clean dustbin can be obtained with little effort. Mounting of ramps, installation of garbage disposals and purchasing a dustbin from a brand are not mandatory. After all, it is something we tend to ignore as there is always a pile of waste to take out.

4. Scrub with Toilet Cleaner

Even if you clean your home every day, there are still some surface areas that might not get dutifully cleaned. This is because it can be tiring to clean them up every time you want to do the cleaning. However, there are certain areas in your home which you should treat extra special like your kitchen sink, toilet, and bathtubs.

Cleaning and tidying in and around the house can be a major pain in the back. If you think that cleaning your home is just fussing around, you’re wrong. The dust bin in particular is not just a place to dump garbage. It’s an essential part of your home because it contains dead skin cells, hair, and other materials that lead to hygiene problems if they aren’t disposed of properly.

5. Wipe with a Microfibre Cloth

The most horrifying realization after a clean-up is opening the garbage bin to throw away the slimy leftover food from dinner! Yes, when you think you have cleaned your kitchen, something gross piles up in your dustbin. Food crumbs and scraps often accumulate in the garbage bin and add to the dirt problem.

The best way to clean a dustbin is by adding a microfibre cloth into your cleaning routine, because it absorbs dust and dirt without making a mess. Here I’ll show you how to get a squeaky-clean garbage bin with little effort.

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