Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes white spots on various parts of the body. It can affect anyone and affect all races of both genders equally. This disease affects about 100 million people worldwide, and its prevalence is estimated to be around 1%.

Vitiligo Symptoms

The main symptom of Vitiligo is white patches on the skin. These spots often spread and get bigger over time. The rate of spread varies widely – some people report spreading very quickly while others are spreading slowly over several years. You can also get the best vitiligo treatment by clicking at:

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These spots mostly appear in sun-exposed areas such as the hands, feet, face, and lips. However, they are often found in the armpits and groin, navel, genital area, and nostrils. In addition, people with Vitiligo often experience premature gray hair.

How Is Vitiligo Treated?

Treatment for vitiligo is still an area that is much researched and changing. Treatment depends on the extent of the disease as well as how much the patient can afford, as many treatments are usually very expensive.

In addition, even the most specialized treatments are not always effective and have a number of side effects. Usually, one of the first recommended treatment options is a steroid and/or immunomodulatory therapy.

However, both pharmaceutical treatments can only be used for the short term and are known to be ineffective and have a high frequency of side effects.

Another treatment option is the use of ultraviolet light in combination with drugs. However, this includes two or three weekly visits to a specialist clinic over weeks or months, is very expensive, and side effects include eye damage and an increased risk of skin cancer.

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