One of the most important points of difference between the commercial and residential roofing is that although they are ultimately meant to serve the same purpose at the end of the day, they are intended to serve on various types of roofs. In other words, the structure of the roof design they are expected to be built on a very varied.

Take sidings such as a window. Can you imagine two differently designed windows have exactly the same sidings? Similarly from the roof style. Now we are all very aware of the differences in the architectural design of a typical residential buildings and commercial buildings. You can explore understanding the difference between variant roofing styles.

Apart from the design of the roof structure, roof size also plays a very important role. In most of the cases seen that while residential roof requires only one or two workers on a job, commercial roofing requires a whole crew to be able to work together.

Another very important difference between commercial and residential roofing is that of residential buildings generally tend to have less number of protrusions than the commercial buildings. For example, while most homes will be expected to have a bulge for chimney single, commercial buildings must take into consideration the projection and lip for everything, from the ventilation system, smoke stacks, pipes, entrance roof, wirings mechanics, skylights, etc.

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