The risk assessment identifies potential hazards or risks and measures to reduce or eliminate those risks. For most companies, they are required by law for health, safety and fire safety, and most want to carry out laboratory risk assessments as well. If you have 5 or more employees, you must also officially register your risk assessment.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

A health and safety assessment is required for nearly any business and covers nearly every aspect of that business, both on and offsite.

What is included in a risk assessment?

1. Identification of threats

Pay attention to areas or tasks that have potential hazards.

2. Decide who can be hurt and how

The company is responsible to employees, both onsite and offsite, and to customers and the general public who may be affected by your activities.

3. Assess risks and take preventive action

Review the likelihood and severity of risks and take steps to reduce or eliminate them. This may be just a warning sign or it may require a change in work practices

4. Write down your results and include them

You must be able to demonstrate that the inspection has been carried out, what hazards have been identified, what solutions have been proposed and whether they have been implemented.

5. Review your ranking and update if necessary

Risks are constantly changing, so your assessment needs to be updated to reflect this. Make sure you want to check and update your updates regularly, and take new steps if necessary.

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