Are you seeking out exciting water sports? There are plenty of exciting water-based activities to do throughout Japan. Since it is surrounded ocean and is lined with 32,000 streams, rivers, and lakes, the island nation has plenty of exciting activities for you to enjoy. The most well-known things to do are as follows:

‘Shinri beach at Okinawa’ (also known as ‘沖縄のシンリビーチ’  in the Japanese Language) is a gorgeous beach with a sandy shoreline located in front of Cypress Resort, about 3 minutes away from Kumejima Airport. By the direction of the wind, an airplane can fly off and land right just in front of you. The water is clear, and you can view the swimming fish. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset on this beach.

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There aren’t many canoeing rivers in Japan therefore you have to know the rivers before making plans to canoe. If you want to experience peaceful canoeing with your loved ones then you should choose Namato as well as Okutone lakes. Since these lakes are the result of many dams, the river appears serene and secure to canoe on.

To snorkel and dive the southern islands of Okinawa, Ogasawara Islands, and Izu Islands are popular destinations. Because these islands are blessed with sparkling clear waters and moderate temperatures, lots of tourists are interested in snorkeling and diving. It is possible to see the splendor of marine life underwater and on coral reefs while snorkeling and diving in these locations.

Tone River is the best place to go for white-water rafting. Usually, the white water rafting season runs between April and October So plan your trip to take advantage of the thrill of rafting. For more challenges, make sure to go during June, when the river is filled with water from the rain spring melt.

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