Reverse Cycle AC systems actually are heat pumps. They absorb heat from the outside to transmit it to your home. The external coil of a heat pump is the conduit for a refrigerant that absorbs the heat from outside. 

The refrigerant is then pumped through a compressor before being delivered through a condenser within your home. Your standard electric heater in contrast directs the production of heat to the room. PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR COMFORT with Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems.

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Particularly in regions that have diverse climates, and where efficiency of energy is promoted and efficiency is encouraged, heat pumps are suggested. Apart from creating heat, they can also offer efficient cooling during warm seasons by changing the flow of refrigerant. 

In addition, for every electrical unit used to operate this cooling system, at minimum three units of cool or warm air will be transferred. This is why it could reduce your energy bills by up to one-third as compared to using an ordinary heater.

Since the use of heat pumps has become more widespread in recent years the more types are now available on the market. The most affordable model is a window- or wall-mounted model. Like a mounted central cooling unit, this one is mounted by cutting a hole in the wall or by removing the glass from an external window.

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