FDA-approved diet pills are safe and effective. This may sound obvious, but you may remember a diet drug called Fen-Phen. This was one of many approved by the FDA. Once the reports of heart damage came to the attention of the FDA, medical professionals were notified of the discoveries.

The Food and Drug Administration sotorasib currently goes through three stages of clinical trials for any drug wanting approval. First, there is testing on a relatively small group of people to determine the side effects, if any, of the drug. The effectiveness of the drug is also looked into at this stage.

The second stage is with a larger population, usually a few hundred, and further testing on the side effects are done. It is in this stage that the efficacy of treating certain conditions is decided upon. For FDA-approved diet pills, this is the stage where it is determined if the diet pills actually work.

The third stage of trials is done on a larger number of patients. The results are then extrapolated out to determine the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Then the FDA weighs the relative safety against the effectiveness. Only one more step and you have an FDA-approved diet pill.

The last step is for the FDA to make an assessment of the manufacturing process for the drug. They determine if the process is adequate to ensure the purity and integrity of the drug.

One of the more popular FDA-approved drugs is Xenical. This drug is a fat blocker, which does not allow fats you eat to be digested and absorbed. It is a relatively safe drug and depending on how strict your diet is with respect to fats, can have relatively minimal side effects.

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