Together with the sun peeking out behind the clouds a bit more nowadays, you might be gearing up for the warmer days ahead. Looking ahead to beaches, barbecues, and soaking up sunlight may be a pleasurable daydream, but is the skin prepared to reveal its face to the world? If you believe you might not be prepared to bear all, it might be time to get a spring skin transplant. You can try the amazing range of shop best vitamin spray for face and vitamin face mist for you.

Hydration: As always, hydration is the secret to young, skin. If you have been slacking about the older water intake in favor of hot cocoas or warm lattes then it's most likely time to measure up your water consumption.

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Exfoliation: Thus last time you're at a yoga course you happened to catch a peek in your shins while attempting to breathe into your own pose and found to your horror your legs were dry and scaly, or maybe even worse, completely reptilian.

This will of course grab off guard in case you have not been paying attention to what was happening beneath these leggings and winter boots.

Although winter weather could be much to blame, slough off to the sloughing off may also get you into trouble. Now is the opportunity to say farewell to these dry flaky bits with modest exfoliating magic. A fantastic exfoliator will not further dry out your skin but will only help you eliminate the flaky appearance.

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