As many people take up training as dental assistants, there are many schools that offer dental assistant programs. Although the job is demanding, many people still want to be dental assistants because of the potential job earnings.

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Dental assistant duties and responsibilities:

Dental assistants play an important role in many dental establishments and companies. It demands good communication skills. They must also be calm under pressure and be able to make sound decisions. Dental nurses are also known as dental assistants. They provide assistance to patients. 

They keep the patient's records and ask them questions about their health or medical history. After the dentist has finished treating a patient, they guide them and instruct them about oral medication. 

They clean and disinfect instruments and equipment. They prepare materials for making impressions. Sometimes, they make temporary crowns or tooth casts. As directed by the dentist, they also prepare X-ray films. 

They also schedule patients and confirm their appointments with the dentist. They are also responsible for sending out bills, receiving payments, and ordering supplies and material for the clinic or dental office.

The Dental Assistant Training Courses:

Dental assistant training can be broken down into many different courses. Communication is an important part of the training. The student is fluent in English and can communicate with patients and other members of the dental team. The training includes first aid and cardiopulmonary rescue (CPR). 

All health care professionals must be capable of performing CPR and first aid in emergencies. They will also learn how to help patients and make them feel comfortable in dental chairs. The training includes a course in dental materials. 

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