There are many options for pool covers. They can protect your pool from dirt and debris, and keep it clean and healthy. A pool cover is an excellent and cost-effective option to heat your pool with solar energy. 

These covers can be used in sunny areas to reduce heating and chemical costs. They are also called solar swimming pool blankets. These covers look a lot like bubble wrap, and they are usually blue or silver.

These covers contain many tiny air pockets which transfer the sun's heat to the pool. The heat then remains in the water. The water stays at an amazing temperature during cool nights because the heat is trapped and cannot escape. Swimming pool covers can increase the temperature by as much as 10 to 15%. 

The pool will heat up more efficiently and the chemical losses will be reduced. You will also spend less money on chemical replacement. There are three thicknesses available: 8mm, 12mm, and 16mm.

Although thicker pool covers will cost more, they are more durable and offer better heat transference and insulation. It is important to consider the color of your pool covers when purchasing them. Covers of any color will prevent almost the same amount of chemical and water evaporation. 

You should get a pool cover if you live in an area where it is very cold or freezing. You can find information on the cover on a variety of websites. You can then purchase the best one for your pool and place an order online.

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