Retractable roofs are roofing structures that allow the rooftop to be moved back on tracks. This allows the office's interior to enjoy the outdoors. 

Now and again, retractable roofs are referred to as operable rooftops (or retractable sky-facing systems). While the term operable sky-facing window is very similar, it refers to bay windows that open on a pivot rather than on a track.

The use of retractable roofs is a common feature of many living spaces, restaurants, and bars, swimming focuses, and other offices that wish to offer an outdoor experience with the push of one catch. 

Any shape is possible, but the most common are barrel, arch, hip-edge, and edge. A habitation can contain at least one retractable measuring 3'x5', a bar or restaurant with a retractable rooftop measuring 20'x30', and a corridor that measures 50'x100'.

Many cutting-edge athletic offices use moderate, less overwhelming rooftop structures that are similar to retractable roofs in appearance and impact. 

These roof frameworks are commonly referred to as open rooftops and are made with comparable materials to retractable rooftops. For more security and strength, most open roof organizations offer treated or polycarbonate glass rooftops.

Open rooftops are positioned at the structure's drains and can be closed or opened by the mechanics either of a rack-and-pinion framework or push/pull framework. Open rooftop frameworks are equivalent to the most formal retractable roofs. They offer year-long play, protection from the harshest climates, and sentimental outside.

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