Since the past decade, e-commerce sites are from the boom. It does not matter what type of services and products that you want to sell. All of us are knowledgeable about Flipkart and Amazon's e-commerce giants. It's possible and easy to start your personal B2B e-commerce portal with IT applications and services for your clients.

Function 365 has introduced a ready-to-go B2B market for Microsoft partners, that will help clients to find, purchase and use products and services and allows them to manage the subscriptions of cloud services in a single easy-to-use system. Also, microsoft 365 combines best-in-class productive apps with intelligent cloud services.

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Getting started with Function 365

Function 365 platform enables Microsoft Partners to work out Microsoft CSP goods and solutions to their clients in only a couple of hours and enhance sales, service and increase Monthly Recurring Revenue.

What's Work 365 Marketplace

Function 365 Marketplace for your customers to find and buy cloud services. You may sell products and your services as packages to your clients and collect monthly routines for services consumed which are then rated, invoiced on a regular, quarterly, or yearly basis with complete integration of the market from the system for automatic provisioning and delivery of solutions.

Microsoft CSP partners utilize Work 365 to market the entire set of Microsoft products, all from their white-label online market. Work 365 includes a self-service portal that's about offering a better client experience. With Function 365 Portal, you can set up your internet market, add Microsoft along with your products in the Work 365 catalog, and begin selling.

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