More than one billion people speak Mandarin as their first language – more than Spanish, English, and Hindi combined. As the mother tongue of the world's most populous country, effective and accurate Chinese translations are often the key to entering huge new markets.

The Chinese market still has great potential. Although the march there was long and rocky, China now ranks second in the world. As the lingua franca of a large global economy, Chinese is one of our most translated languages and our experienced translators can provide your company with free expert translation advice. You can also browse to get Mandarin translation agency.

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Of course, translating Chinese is more than just learning new words – you have to learn a whole new system of signs, which are governed by completely different rules. The complexity of pronunciation and intonation can also completely change the meaning of a sentence, which makes accuracy important.

Mandarin also has more syllables than any other version of the Shanghai Chinese bar and contains many borrowings from dozens of different sources. Moreover, while some dialects can be understood together, others are completely incompatible.

Understanding "Chinese" means understanding the many dialects and variations of Mandarin and other Chinese dialects. 

Standard Chinese is used as a lingua franca to allow speakers of different and incomprehensible variants of Chinese to communicate..

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