When it comes to developing applications for the iPhone, it is very important that an individual has knowledge of the platform. In other words, there are different developments that an individual may enter into.


So for example, a developer may confine himself / herself only to the development of mobile application while some others might extend their scope to other gadgets such as tablet PCs. Several other developers are currently limiting themselves to the development of iPhone applications only.

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The same reason is that the platform, in itself, is complicated. Therefore, it requires an individual to understand the platform better. This can only happen if the individual is dedicatedly working on this technology day by day.


Therefore, iPhone developer must understand the platform on which he worked. Once the platform has been understood only then will the iPhone application developer can be successful.


What also needs to know about the iPhone is that the screen size is limited to what it is. What we mean to say is that the size of the iPhone screen is not as big as say, a tablet PC, or something close to it. Therefore, the iPhone application developers have to develop software applications to keep this fact in mind.

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