Customized design can take some time but our prices aren't any greater than that which architects bill for conventionally constructed buildings. You wouldn't think of constructing a conventional home with no architect. Can you?

Factory Built Homes will be the Future of Home Building America devised mill production. When you get a kitchen appliance, VCR, or automobile, you do not anticipate it to be thrown into components on your backyard requiring a meeting, do you? You can choose Aspen modular home via

Aspen, Colorado

The modular structure is a semi-automatic system of residence construction unique to other procedures of building. We think it's not likely that the home construction business will cling to the notion of expensive, mistake-prone piece-by-piece manufacture of houses constructed on-site.

Considering that the financial advantage and high quality of product related to factory-built houses, onsite home structure can not last; mill house building can not overlook.

Factory Built Home Materials are Green and High Quality Whether we're talking about factory-built homes, panelized or modular homes, in-plant construction quality is invariably superior to that built on site.

Parts cut with a hand-held circular saw at a job site are not as precise as those cut with a $10,000 radial arm saw or $100,000 component cutter in a factory.

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