Poultry farms really work with high-quality knives. Without proper chicken knives and safe and efficient packaging, the whole system comes to a standstill.

Suffice it to say, chickens must be killed prior to processing – and a sharp and reliable knife is essential for efficiency benefits and ensuring that every chicken experiences little or no pain during the process. You can consult with chicken processing and food products suppliers in Brazil.

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After the chickens are killed and picked by the automatic machine, most of the slaughter begins. There is no shortage of technology when it comes to managing birds during the day and as they age.

The machine is used to remove parts that are less than desired. With parts such as a neck, and the head and legs, cutters are used, plus an extra knife to remove the insides, these are set aside for further processing.

The poultry is then washed and cooled to prevent microbial growth. During this process, chickens are also weighed and assessed for quality using a sophisticated chamber. Once the quality and weight have been determined, the appropriate treatment approach is applied to the poultry.

Most of the cutting and boning is done. Depending on the type of poultry product, the carcass can be whole or halved with the help of a chopping knife. The poultry is then cut into pieces such as thighs, chest, legs, and wings.

Since this process is non-contact and highly automated, a high-quality knife is essential. A sharp knife keeps the entire process line moving – and a sharper knife can hold more meat during processing, creating even more value.


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