There are many different types of electrical wire. Each different kind of electrical wire is perfect for a different job. The wires even have different kinds of insulation and protection; this is what makes each one perfect for a different application. There is THHN and TFFN wires which are very similar. Then there are the NM-B and Romex wires and even the MC Conduit cable. All of these wires are perfect for electrical work indoors and some of them can also be used outside, and in conduit. If you are looking for the copper cad aluminum wire cable then you can browse the web.


These wire names can be abbreviated as well. TFFN stands to thermoplastic insulation, flexible fixture, and nylon coating. The THHN stands to thermoplastic insulation, heat resistance, high heat resist, and nylon coating. THHN wires can also be made in an oil, gas, or water-resistant form. This is THWN wire. These single conductor copper wires can be used indoors, outdoors, and in conduit. 

NM–B and Romex

Romex is the Southwire brand for NM-B cables. The NM stands now for non-metallic. Instead of having the wire wrapped in a metal jacket, this means that the wire is not covered in a metallic jacket. The N M-B Cable has a PVC jacket that covers the conductors. This version of electric wire is only suitable for indoor use. This wire is not protected enough to be used outdoors. 

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