Pets are family members and it can be difficult for anyone when a dog, cat, or other pet dies. While some families choose to bury their dead pets, others choose to keep them in memorial pet urns near their homes. The decision to bury or cremate a pet can be difficult, but cremation has many benefits.

Keep Your Pet Close

The death of a pet can make you feel like you've lost a close friend, and a funeral can be too difficult for you. In this case, cremation allows you to keep your pet for years to come. This can give you comfort and peace of mind and allow you to remember your pet every time you see the urn


If you decide to bury your pet, you will have to pay for the property at the pet cemetery, as well as the coffin, marker, and grooming.

These fees can add up and you may have to pay the company for several years. However, cremation is a much cheaper option. Not only can you honour your pets with beautiful urns, but you can also often see them reminisce about your time together.


There are many different jars to choose from when deciding to store your pet's remains. You can choose from brass, wood, ceramic, porcelain, stone, and resin.

This way you can find the perfect jar that fits your pet's personality and budget. You can even find jars of various shapes, such as fire hydrants and balls, as well as jars with beautiful artwork. There are also jars with frames so you can show your favourite photos to your pet.

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