A side hustle or side business is when any form of work is done on the side of a regular full-time job. It is typically freelance or project-based work and provides the worker with a supplemental income that can often prove to be very lucrative.

Work of this type is normally completed in early mornings, evenings, and weekends – basically, any time that does not impact regular working hours. When starting a side business, people can choose to work on a part-time basis for a company, as a freelancer, or as a contractor. If you are serious about your side business, then you must take professional advice through https://lifestylenow.biz/ before starting any kind of side business.

Side hustles have many benefits as they usually provide more flexibility and freedom and also allow people to explore their passions, rather than just focusing on work they have to do to earn money.

Many different people choose to pursue side gigs – stay-at-home mums who need some extra income, professionals looking to go freelance full-time, digital nomads, or even students who need some part-time work on the side of their studies.

Although many people view the gig economy as a precarious income choice, its popularity is continuing to grow, especially due to COVID-19 which is causing many professionals to look for alternative jobs.

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