Parachute cord also referred to as paracord or 550 cord is a lightweight nylon rope popularised during World War 2 as the material of choice to suspension lines of US parachutes. Soldiers discovering themselves with limited funds soon realized the advantages of dissecting paracord along with also the infinite uses of their interior strands and outside sheath. If you want to buy best paracord visit

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This exceptional feature was powerful in the widespread endorsement of paracord for mainstream usage, where it's been designed for accessory manufacturing bracelets, bottle holders, and knife sleeves. 

This has caused the production of paracord because of a general-purpose utility cable for both civilian and military functions. Within bush survival and craft communities, paracord has attained an almost iconic position in which it's believed that its applications are only constrained by an individual's creativity to make use of it. 

Though used for quite a few mainstream functions, paracord hasn't lost its own identity as a practical army cable. Often soldiers favor paracord for quite a few lightweight applications including repairing and procuring equipment, shield making, binding as well as first aid. 

The interior strands (of which there are seven) could be gutted and used to create sewing clothes and fishing line. What's more, it's likely to combine or complete the ends of one parcel of paracord by massaging it with a naked flame or heated knife. 

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