People often ignore the fact that sleeping on the wrong mattress causes real harm to their bodies. People often complain that they experience severe backpains. This happens when they sleep on an uncomfortable mattress or sometimes, the mattress is not too thick or the foam is not of good quality. People also have to sacrifice their sleep comfort. There are many things you should look for while buying these kinds of things. so, today in this article we will tell you and will help you find the right mattress for yourself. Just follow consumer reports best mattress for back pain. First, buy the mattress according to your height. For average height people, buy at least 190 cm long so that you can comfortably sleep and can have the best sleeping experience.

Then, comes the thickness. For heavy people, if they want to experience good sleep, then a 12-inch thick mattress is more than enough. Then, comes the foam quality. We suggest buying a foam mattress as it provides more comfort than other foams also, these foams adjust according to our body as it comes with clever technology. Nowadays, special material ‘BioFoam’ which is used in many mattresses is made up of waste organic materials which even includes green tea. It comes with different layers consisting of the base layer, comfort layer, and top layer. So, prefer buying that. Also, to provide rigid support to the body, base, and comfort layers help and the remaining ones provide extra comfort.

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