If you're considering building an at-home recording studio the basics of microphones are an absolute requirement. It's difficult to create an optimal recording studio without spending the time to figure out what kind of microphone is the best to suit your needs for recording.

The first thing i'll do is going to look at the microphone's role as a transducer and then explain what it means.

In the next section, i'll discuss the various kinds of microphones that record music production audio with a focus on the primary two: dynamic microphones as well as condenser microphones.

Then, i'll take a look at two specific specifications of microphones namely the frequency response as well as polar patterns which are the characteristics of microphones that you must know before you purchase one.

The microphone serves as an transducer

the fundamental purpose of a microphone is to act as a transducer which is to translate the energy of one type into another form of energy. It attempts to do it with as little deviation from the source as it is possible.

They are ideal for live, on-stage recording, as they are unable to detect sound outside of an extremely small area.They are built to be extremely tough which makes them very durable to travel they are also very durable. They do not require external power source.

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