Screens and sneeze guards protect employees, customers, and visitors from the transmission of the virus. To combat the risk of infection, there are many companies that offer affordable sneeze screens even in budget constraints by the economic pressures of the current situation.

The shape of the sneeze protector, perspective screen, and security screen may vary depending on your location. For example, social screens for taking off pubs and offices are different from sneeze screens for shops and commercial counters.

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That's why they offer a wide variety of sneeze guards and sneeze products:

1) Suspended Protective Grid: Easy-to-hang protective grid can be hung from most types of ceilings. Hanging screens are a great solution for boxes, nail bars, and any situation where you need to create a variable gap between the screen and the tabletop.

2) They also specialize in hanging cords and fixtures for hanging acrylic sneakers.

3) Counter protection grid: Sneeze safety grid to mount on desks, reception desks, or as table dividers for office bench configurations. They offer clamps for attaching Perspex screens on tables and desks.

4) Free Standing Security Screen: Different types of floor standing office partitions to create queue dividers, partitions between people waiting to be served, or customers sitting in adjacent spaces such as restaurants, hairdressers, and beauty salons.

You can consult with any screen guard providing company for this service.


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