As you continue to practice sleeping, you will find that your baby is getting used to regular sleep, sleeping more at night and less during the day. But that's not the end. You also have something to do. You need to download the baby sleep magic app to adjust your sleep and wake times according to your baby's age.

In general, after more than three months, many babies can have a regular sleep pattern and don't need to eat much at night. According to some experts, most babies can get sleep training around 5 months of age and get used to it quickly. And the required sleep time is about 10 hours. But different babies have different learning opportunities. 

Some babies can learn to sleep regularly very quickly and early, while others are not ready. In addition, some may sleep longer while others wake up several times during the night. You have to do the right thing based on your baby's abilities.

Here's something to keep in mind before exercising. Try to avoid sleep training when your baby has the condition. Whether you continue to exercise or not, there is a need to monitor your baby's reactions. 

If you find your baby's mood getting worse, you should stop and try again in a few weeks. If you're not sure when to start exercising, ask your doctor for advice. It's hard for new moms and dads to exercise for babies, especially when they're crying loudly. If you insist, you will eventually do it.

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