Some people set their own investment goals and do their research on where to invest their money. Other people look for a long-term relationship with an advisor that they can trust and work with to help them make those important financial decisions.

If you are the type of person who does not have the time, energy, education, or desire to invest in yourself, you need to find the right property investment advice for your situation.

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Three main areas you should investigate are as follows:


Ensure your advisors have the right qualifications if they're available. Financial advisors and Finance Brokers are required to be licensed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). 


The quality of a good advisor is unbiased. While there are many points to consider in evaluating this, a key one is looking at how the advisor is getting paid. An unbiased advisor should have no problem disclosing exactly how they are remunerated. 

If they are receiving remuneration from other sources rather than you directly, tread carefully as they may be inclined to push only specific products or services onto you for which they are remunerated.


The property is not yet an ASIC-regulated product. This means those purporting to offer advice with regards to it are not yet regulated by law and do not legally have to take responsibility for the advice they provide. 

It may perhaps be best therefore to ensure that whatever advisor you choose, they have a lot of experience with property investing and can substantiate it.

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