You are staying in Tulum and want to go yachting or sailing but not sure where you need to depart from? The nearest marina to you is Puerto Aventuras. 

It is approximately 35-55 min south, depending on how far into the hotel zone you are staying.  We have the best selection of boats for your group.

Sailboat Charter in Tulum is the best boat charter and rentals. All-inclusive, unlimited bar, and beautiful fleet. The only real “Yacht Experiences” in the Riviera Maya.The most luxurious yachts and catamarans. 

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Picking up customers by boat

Many people ask us to pick them up or drop them off in Tulum by boat. The catamarans and yachts based out of Puerto Aventuras for charter do not offer this service, for a couple of reasons. 

The first one is that sailing to Tulum and back is a 6-hour service apart from the regular sailing and snorkel, versus a 35 -55 min land transfer. The second reason is that there is no dock we can pick up or drop off from along the way. 

We totally wish we could, but we are happy to provide the most amazing options we can here in Puerto Aventuras! 

We love extras and goodies. So, please let us know if there is a special event for your group. Or if you have special needs such as shade for small children or older folks. You can also ask about upgrading to our VIP options. Come sailing with us, we would love to have you aboard!

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