The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a powerful scaling frame that aids in aligning organizational objectives. For larger businesses, it's among the most enthusiastic Agile frameworks. A secret and an emerging part within this frame is of this Release Train Engineer (RTE).

Termed as the servant pioneer of this Agile Release Train, the Release Train Engineer functions to meet the goals of the Program Increment. You can learn more about the RTE certification via Pretty Agile

The Release Train Engineer isn't distinct from a conventional Scrum Master. In reality, we can call it a Scrum Master who conducts the Scrum of Scrums at SAFe. Each agile group of this Agile Release Train will possess their individual Scrum Master. 

The following lists the step up from conventional supervisors to getting team leaders:

1. From deadlines to goals

The vision needs to be clearly defined in order to successfully achieve the PI aims. It's compulsory to clearly place the aims of the PI. An iteration continues for a couple of weeks and when there are goals that weren't finished, they become a part of the next iteration. 

2. From forcing "specific outcomes" to spend in "the program's overall functionality"

The cooperation and synergy of numerous Agile Teams from the Agile Release Train are critical in accomplishing the objectives from the App Increment.

3. Out Of "fixing problems" into "helping teams to correct" themselves

The groups are empowered with the liberty and the ability to make decisions on a single level.


Conventional supervisors will need to be educated to become Team Leaders. Becoming a slave leader isn't the sole part of getting an RTE. Rather than being the judge, the launch train engineer needs to be a superb guide, motivator, coach, and mentor to the groups.

They must be empathetic and supportive to function in their own groups, not the organizational leaders or supervisors.

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