Kitchener is in southern Ontario. It is commonly called Kitchener-Waterloo. However, each city is its municipality. Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge are collectively referred to as the "three cities".

Kitchener is the largest of the "Three Cities" at around 204,000. While Kitchener is rarely mentioned without Waterloo, it's defensible in terms of attractions. You can also get information about oktoberfest 2021 in Kitchener via the web.


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Oktoberfest: At the beginning of the last century, Kitchener was known as Berlin. Not only is it a smart name, but Kitchener is also home to one of the largest German populations in Canada. Germans bring a lot of culture with them – from music to food. Perhaps the most valuable gift they bring is the Oktoberfest.

Kitchener Oktoberfest has been called the biggest Bavarian festival in Canada. This is the largest Bavarian festival outside of Germany. While the beer celebration is the most exciting event, it is another, more relaxed family activity. One of the most popular is the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Parade, which is shown on national television.

Although horse racing was eventually abandoned, many of the features of the early Oktoberfest celebrations remained the same, if not expanded. Munich's annual festival still takes place today in the original square, Theresienwiese, in front of the city gates. 

Agricultural exhibitions are still in the spotlight, even though they only take place once every three years. The beer and food stall tradition that began in 1818 continues to this day and is perhaps the most flourishing aspect of Oktoberfest.

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