With a garden shed, you will most likely be exposed to a variety of weather conditions that put heavy stress on the timber made for your shed in winter. Untreated timber will rot and crumble over time due to rainy and winter conditions. That is why nearly all canopy manufacturers offer spray canopy treatments to significantly extend the life of the canopy.

However, timber roof trusses in New Castle is one thing that most canopy manufacturers don't offer is a more sophisticated treatment that extends the life of your canopy timber over a much longer period, which is called pressure treatment.

Treated timber is water repellent, not only is it waterproof, the water slides away from the timber instead of sitting on the surface and sticking together. This is the key to allowing the timber to last longer without rotting which ensures that no water can penetrate the timber and thus prevent rot.

First, the timber is loaded into the processing vessel. An initial vacuum is applied, which removes air from the tree cells. After vacuuming, the cylinder was filled with Tanalith E timber preservative along with additional additives.

Hydraulic pressure is then applied to the timber to push the preservative deep into the timber structure, not just sitting on the timber. Once the preservative is in the timber, the vacuum cleaner is removed by pumping the remaining preservative solution back to storage for use on the next timber.

Therefore, when a preservative is applied to timber, compared to spray treatment, the pressure treatment allows the timber to be coated with both the outer and inner preservatives, making it much more reliable and less likely to rot.

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