Balustrades are the plural form of baluster, which are small posts that support the upper part of a railing. They are an important part of the design and architecture of a house and enhance interior beauty. They were first introduced in Italian architecture in the renaissance period.

Balustrades can be made of many different materials, such as wood, wrought iron, cast iron, or glass depending on individual preferences. Glass balustrade is one of the best balustrades to install. 

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Care has to be taken to ensure that the material you purchase merges with the rest of the décor of your house. If you have used wooden furnishings throughout your house then the best bet would be to go for wooden balustrades.

If the balustrades are for use on the roof or terrace then concrete is used as it can withstand harsh weather and rain. Another material nowadays, popular in the making of balustrades, is polyurethane. Marble is also an elegant option but since it is very expensive it is not that widely used.

Brass and bronze can also be used but they require maintenance to keep them shiny and clean. Nowadays, the use of wood in balustrades is decreasing as people are becoming more and more environmentally friendly.

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