An online eye test can't replace an eye exam at the office of your eye doctor, but we do a lot of us – studies suggest that half of us do not attend our regular eye examinations. The ease of an online test is a major benefit for those who work. 

You can also check your vision via an ai eye screening test online.

An eye for an AI: Optic device mimics human retina - BBC Science Focus Magazine

We can conduct the test in the privacy of our homes, on our laptops without the hassle of scheduling an appointment for an eye exam or paying the cost of a screening which could tell us that we're in good shape and require no treatment.

A virtual eye exam frequently can help maintain your eye well-being and let you know when you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. The key to success is to first take the test on a regular basis and track the results. Secondly, you must take the test in the correct conditions.

What are the best conditions? Be aware of these aspects:

Lighting Online eye exams do not require any special lighting, however, it is important to make sure you use the same conditions. Conducting the test in a brightly lit room the first time, and then in dim lighting, the following time may result in incorrect results.

Eye check online does not always specify the resolution of your screen, However, the most important thing is to keep it consistent. The resolution of your screen can be altered by using the control panel on your personal computer. 

Verify your resolution on the computer you're using for the first time. Make sure that the exact resolution is used for each occasion. If you're taking the tests at different workstations, then you might have different seating and work areas. 

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