There are different types of covers for pet protection. Here I am going to write about four main types of cover.

Lifetime – This is usually the most expensive but it's worth it if your pet develops a long-term serious illness. If you are interested in doing pet charity and looking for any pet care foundation then you can also have a peek at this website.

Maximum benefit – provides a maximum pre-arranged amount of cover per given condition. However, once the limit is reached the condition will no longer be covered and falls into the category of a pre-existing condition.

Time-limited – often referred to as a '12 month' policy. This policy pays a pre-arranged maximum amount for each illness or injury for a period of up to one year. The downside is that if the condition persists for more than one year, you will have to pay for the treatment yourself.

Accident only – this type of cover is restricted to accidental injuries such as those sustained in a car accident. Some policies will cover illnesses that result from an accident.

Be aware that many insurance companies will increase the cost of premiums as your pet gets older. Expect to see an increase once your cat or dog reaches seven years of age. Look at the amount of excess you will be expected to pay when making a claim on the insurance. 

It is something you buy hoping you will never need it. Those who complain about the cost are usually those who have been lucky enough not to need it. In the end, insurance is a business that exists to make money. You need to consider how you would pay for any future ill-health your pet may develop over time. If you do opt for insurance do careful research that you find the policy most suited to your needs.

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