For the Christian, the funeral service is one with themes of hope, encouragement and the afterlife. Christians believe those who have professed their faith in Jesus Christ are eternally secure in heaven to be with the Lord forever.

Christian funeral services are not somber but more of a Life Celebration for the deceased. The services are uplifting and provide hope in knowing that their loved one is with the Lord of their life. You can now check us to get the best funeral services. 

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Christians view death as a doorway to a better place.  Family and friends are comforted to know that their loved one is at peace in heaven. To the Christian, this is an assurance of their destiny according to what the Bible says about life after death and faith in Jesus.

Generally, in Christian funeral service, there is no visitation or viewing of the body. Some denominations like the Catholic faith do follow a more specific funeral custom but most Christian churches do not follow their customs.

The funeral service is either a memorial or a funeral service. Most do not have a casket in the service, but a few do, especially if it is held in a funeral home. Most services are held at the church the deceased attended with the pastor officiating the service.

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