Are you thinking of buying fashion jewelry as a gift but don't know where to start? The first thing you need to do is consider their personality. Here are some common personality types and what jewelry to consider for each.


Intellectuals are naturally intelligent, slightly reserved, and dress in classic, earthy attire. This woman will appreciate jewelry that is understated, elegant, and of good quality. A simple gold or silver chain would work well for a necklace.

For earrings, small studs or low hoop earrings would be perfect to complement her classic sense of style. Or choose a thin bracelet such as a thin silver bracelet with small gemstones or delicate pearls. This would definitely make a perfect jewelry gift.


Romantic women are the best girls and love everything that is naturally very feminine. She wears skirts, dresses, is frequently found in floral prints, and finds the silver lining in any cloud. This woman loves to feel every inch of her femininity and her jewelry has to match her.

When shopping, think about strings of beads, dangling earrings, and flower pendants. Wrapping it up in pretty paper with a bow would just take the cake. And yes, she likes different shades of pinks, purples, and reds.

Soccer Mom:

The soccer mom is all about practicality and has to keep herself and her busy family on track. Forget earrings that dangle – this mom needs studs that do not tangle in her hair or the strap of her bag. Similarly, choose simple necklaces and bracelets to match. Keep jewelry simple and practical for this woman, and she will know that you understand her lifestyle.



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