3M paint protective film, also known as “transparent film”, is installed on new and used vehicles and is an almost invisible film that is applied to the painted surface of your car (hood, fenders, bumpers, rearview mirrors, etc.) they protect against street debris such as stones, insects, and more.

The 3M paint protective film is made of 6mm (0.006 inches) thick clear urethane plastic and was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from dirt during the Vietnam War. You can get your 3M paint protection film for the car via https://jrsautodetailing.ca/3m-xpel-protection/.

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It has since been used by various automakers, NASCAR teams, and automotive enthusiasts to protect painted road surfaces from dirt. Maintain appearance and increase commercial value by protecting your car paint with a 3M protective paint coat.

3M Pro Series Clear film is the latest in conformal film technology. The unique technology that sets this product apart from its competitors is a testament to 3M's innovation.

Industry-leading clarity and self-healing and smudge-resistant properties – the Pro series is designed to give you years of protection and efficiency without constant maintenance. Unlike the paint on your car, the scratches on the 3M Pro series are practically gone and leave your film looking new.

3M Company guarantees ten years for labor and materials. Hardly anything can better protect your car from scratches, smudges, and chips with a 3M Pro Series paint protection film. This is the best protection for paint.

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