A simplified cleaning and maintenance schedule will certainly help improve the long-term efficiency of the refrigerator. By learning the basics of refrigerator maintenance, it is possible to maintain it at a high level for many years. It is now really easy to get the best commercial walk-in cooler door gasket replacement service, if required, at Gaskets Rock

Refrigerator Preventive Maintenance Guide - Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance

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Here are areas to review as part of a useful maintenance plan:-

Seal:- There is a seal on the refrigerator door to help seal the cold air inside. A poorly made seal likely means the refrigerator cannot operate efficiently. Regular cleaning and inspection of the seal will help you identify signs of damage or cracks. If the seal starts to break, it will definitely help to replace it as soon as possible.

Water filter:- A refrigerator with a built-in water dispenser or an ice cube maker naturally has a water filter. Be sure to replace the filter according to the manufacturer's instructions. Water filters that are left in poor condition can contaminate the water, making it dirty and unhealthy.

Flat surface:- The refrigerator is located on an uneven floor, it can cause the door to not close tightly, which of course causes energy loss. A simple tool like a carpenter's scale is very effective for checking levels. Most refrigerators are equipped with legs that can be adjusted to achieve the flat, level surface required for optimal use.

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