Bed Bugs are all over. You can find articles about bed bugs from left and right in science journals, and on the internet. The very first report on bed bugs you might come across explains the characteristics of a bed bug. 

The majority of posts on bed bugs include images that make it easier for us to recognize them. Are you interested in more information about bed bugs? Experts on bed bugs have suggested that the speed of bed bugs' growth depends on the temperature that is between 70-90 degrees F. In that case they could make the change from eggs into adult bed bugs within one month.

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The cold temperatures and the inaccessibility to prey may slow the growth of bed bugs. But, this doesn't mean they will die quickly. The bed bugs are likened to Cockroaches with regard to their endurance. Bed bugs can last for long periods of time without eating. Adults can survive for a full year or more, without blood meals.

Bed bugs are creatures that live in darkness. As parasites, they travel almost unnoticed within our furniture, homes carpets, beds, and more. Though they're not able to fly, they're fast insects and easily move across almost every surface.

The most useful articles about bed bugs are those which explain how we can identify these insects within our homes. The most obvious sign of bed bugs in the bedding is the staining that is dark brown and visible across the bed. Bed bug experts recognize the issue as a result of the pest's excreta or droppings.

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