We are in the heyday of aftermarket LED light bars. This trend has become more accessible in recent years and is being adopted by drivers all over the world.

About LED Lights

Let's first discuss the reasons why LED technology is so popular in motor vehicle applications. LED lights have a high efficiency – they last about 10 times longer than traditional Halogen alternatives and don't produce heat as much. You can buy the best quality rhino 4×4 HD series LED driving lights online.

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LED Light Bars for Cars

LED light bars can be used to illuminate trucks. Drivers are also fixing them in their cars. You can mount narrower light bars on the car's grille or clip them to the license plate holder. You will need a low-profile lightbar for this purpose as most cars have less space to mount aftermarket units.

Types and Applications of LED Light Bars

Two main characteristics of light bars are their size and shape. While straight light bars are most popular, curved light bars have a wider beam pattern which allows for more illumination to the sides of the truck. Lightbars can be divided into two categories.

Mini Light Bars

These tiny light bars can have between 8-10 LEDs maximum and can be used as portable work lights or spotlights to add additional lighting to your truck.

Low-Profile Light Bars

These are the most commonly seen light bars on the road. These low-profile bars measure less than 20 inches in length. They are usually attached to the truck's grille to provide additional forward-facing lighting.

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