The psilocybin mushroom has become very popular and people are realizing its potential medicinal and psychological benefits. But is it legal, let alone possible, to grow it yourself now, either for personal or experimental purposes? When learning how to buy legal psilocybin mushroom spores, it is first important to understand what they are and why they differ from spores of other types of fungi. You can browse to buy best dried mushrooms.

Did you know that archaeological evidence shows that humans have been using psychedelic mushrooms with psilocybin for over 7,000 years!? However, their significance in our history is still widely debated due to a lack of evidence. In fact, we can still find artifacts and discoveries of mushrooms today that will help us better understand our shared history with them. 

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Magic mushrooms are one of the oldest recreational drugs that humans have ever consumed, and what's even more amazing is that they are actively consumed today. Since psilocybin can cause transcendent states, it seems very likely that herbal medicine is one of our deepest connections to our past. Because of this, the proper focus on our culture has returned to find more natural ways and means to treat the mind and body with mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that contain the psychoactive element psilocybin, which makes them a bit different from their relatives you can find at the farmers market. Most edible mushrooms generally look the same, with fruit bodies with caps on the stems in different variations.

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