In the word today, the electric bicycle continues to grow. Entrepreneurs are optimistic about this business even though the sales trend is low. More than 40 electronic bicycle manufacturers are producing electric bicycles. Almost all the companies are import and assemble e-mountain bike 2020 fully and hardtail e-bikes from countries like China, Taiwan and sell them.

Growth of Electric Bicycles - A Potential Business Opportunity

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Companies are currently focused on product quality and market capture

1. Send a high-quality CKD kit to the end of the supplier to reduce embedded quality issues.

2. Investments in research and development as well as electronic bicycle component aggregation and development. This helps manufacturers have better quality control. Several companies develop electronic bicycle dealerships and service equipment, manufacturers.

3. Good customer service. All the technology for e-bikes is new. The more a company cares about its customers, the better its good intentions are.

The e-bike business is still in its early stages. There are many business opportunities in the coming years. Given the production of electronic bicycles, there are many companies such as Hero Electric, Ampere Vehicle Pvt Ltd, TI, and many others that are establishing themselves in this business.

Therefore, no company has started this business yet. This means that there are still options for beginners to enter an electric bike shop.

During my 4 years of experience researching and developing this electric bicycle; My team was fed up with looking for a supplier that could make motorbikes in India. As these parts are imported from abroad, they are not standard for Indian suppliers.

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