Now you have got yourself a home spa and you've stacked up your closet with all kinds of exotic aromatic bath oils and spa salts for that ultra-luxuriant bath and a glowing skin.

If you have a portable spa house, then you may have some of the most relaxing and exhilarating shower you could ever think of. Now, it's time for you to know more about the spa house and how to enjoy them and take care of them:

1. If you want to get the full benefits like spa hotel black forest (It is also known as “Vorteile wie Spa Hotel Schwarzwald” in the German language), then you should remove the dead cells on your skin by exfoliating them before you get into your home spa.

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You can use a soft brush and rub it gently all over your body, or you can rub one bath salt exfoliation of the skin. Dead cells block mineral spa bath oils and salts from being absorbed by the skin; Therefore, it is recommended regular exfoliation.

2. Light aromatic candles in your spa home space. Of course, it may not be your birthday, but the scent of aromatic candles, together with aromatic oil bath and spa salts, will set the tone for your eager shower. Make sure your home spa does not smell like a fragrance!

3. Do not use strong cleanser on your face.

4. Do not enter the spa to your home if you are high on alcohol or if you have a fever. Drink light when you have to immerse yourself in your home spa is fine.

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