Are you looking for a crane that can lift and handle loads? You are probably looking for a "Pick-and-carry" crane.

The Pick and Carry crane is designed to pick up and transport the load to its destination. Once it's there, it can be placed and driven to the next job. You can look for the Franna crane hire services in Sydney for industrial purposes. 


A product's success depends on its long-standing experience, as well as the use of modern technology and high-quality component parts.

There are many options available depending on the activity that you are involved in. However, it is important to remember that you can rely on a reliable and well-respected cranes manufacturer when you evaluate a machine.

You will need to evaluate technical aspects and performances that must be in compliance with safety regulations and anti-pollution regulations, regardless of whether you work in an internal place or outside yard.

The mobile industrial cranes "Pick & Carry" can be outfitted with a diesel engine or an electric battery, which makes them ideal for sensitive environments.

There are many options for lifting different loads with the full radius, and there is a remarkable range of steering capabilities to move in tight spaces.

Operators are protected by high-quality components and an automatic overloads shutoff to prevent them from exceeding their design capacity.

Better knowledge and safer work practices can lead to increased productivity and efficiency.

This type of crane has important features, such as its smaller dimensions and ability to work in tight spaces.

They are ideal for indoor use because of their compact design and flexibility.

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