First, you need to buy turf for your garden. Before you make a commitment to buy, check whether this area is suitable. Also, make sure you can arrange to ship so you have time to prepare your garden as described below, and consider how long the shipment will be taken (you don't want the grass to dry). Check whether the grass has no weed and good quality.

Start preparing your garden for a new area. The more prepared your garden is getting more likely grass will last through the first week. Spray grass with herbicides to kill all weeds on the grass today and then use the grass as compost. You can read more about buying good quality turf for your garden.

You need to make sure that you have a top layer that matches your grass, 15cm must be enough. If your land is of poor quality, you should consider using compost to improve the quality of the land. Compact soil so it doesn't move under new grass and make a gap. You can compact the soil by walking on the ground on your heels. Apply fertilizer to the ground and then sweep the ground.

If it is planned correctly your land will soon arrive after finishing preparing the ground. You must put the ground as soon as possible to provide the highest possible survival possibility. If you wait a day to put the grass on, it's much more likely that the area will die.

Therefore, it is best you arrange your grass delivery to date when you have a lot of free time on both sides. Place the grass on the wooden board to avoid stepping onto the ground. When placing the grass, remove the first roll and place it along the longest side of the garden. Start the next strip by pushing it to the first strip. 

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