When designing a custom pool enclosure it is up to the person who will be using the enclosure to provide the exact dimensions as well as the overall layout of the enclosure. In essence, enclosures are  that have been adapted to the exact dimensions and shape of the pool.

you're probably wondering what you can do to bring your business into the top tier. custom enclosures for pools will significantly enhance the service you are providing your guests. You can find the best custom pool enclosures via www.automaticpoolenclosure.com/pool-enclosure.html.

custom pool enclosures

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Here's why:

Better air quality

If you have a roofing system that you can retract, you'll be in a position to open your facility and let fresh air in like other facilities with pools aren't able to.

As opposed to relying upon an air conditioning system that recycles indoor air to the building or through windows and doors, allow your guests the fresh air while they take a dip or relax. Fresh air will be appreciated by personnel who work in these spaces.


Imagine the difference in your experience if you're swimming laps in a swimming pool with artificial lighting instead of natural. The retractable enclosures for your pool give you an outdoor experience when weather is nice however, they also protect the pool from weather that isn't ideal.

Your guests can enjoy the sun's rays and see the skies as well as clouds, trees and the surrounding areas as they are swimming in your beautiful pool.

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