Almost every construction site you see these days will most likely use an excavator or mini excavator. The main use of excavators is excavation. The well-known excavator company is Komatsu. Sometimes you hear that excavators are referred to as rear actors. You can buy spare parts of komatsu at, while doing the construction of a building.

Komatsu road rollers are used to compact concrete, earth or gravel. You can even see road rollers in landfills compacting trash. Although road rollers use gasoline in some parts of the world, they are called steam rollers. 

Komatsu parts cranes are used for lifting and were first invented by the ancient Greeks. The first cranes were, of course, not powered by large machines, but by humans or animals such as donkeys. Cranes are available in various designs. Some of the most popular types are truck mounted cranes, floating cranes, tower cranes, and heavy duty cranes.

A drill press is used to drill holes. Some of the industries that oil rigs use are water well drilling, oil well drilling, and diamond drilling. Drill rigs can be small enough to be moved by just one person. There was a huge platform that could dig thousands of meters into the earth.

Bulldozers are used to remove large amounts of sand or debris. Some bulldozers are used in the military, which have protective armor that protects the driver from enemy fire. One of the most popular early models of bulldozers was the Caterpillar 60, which was used for digging trenches and other activities that involved excavating large amounts of earth.

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