Phone cases and holsters can be a great way to carry and protect your phone. Unlike cases, bags and holsters have to remove the phone to use. The case has a kind of clasp that holds the phone in a pocket. You can get ideas for more specific products related to different iphone 11 purse at

When buying a phone case, look for a case with an inner lining to protect your phone from scratches. Some of the cheap holsters and pouches on the market today do not have an inner lining and this can scratch the cover. 

Leather – Leather phone cases and covers provide great protection and an easy way to carry your phone. They usually come with a spring-loaded belt clip that can be stationary or with a ratchet.

Plastic – The plastic case provides quick access to the phone and comes with a fixed or flashing spring belt clip. A nice plastic case makes it easy to attach the phone and has enough space to hold the phone to remove it. 

Hydrofoam – Hydrofoam covers and bags are made of strong and hard materials. Good hydro foam wearers have a protective inner layer that protects the phone from scratches. 

Neoprene – A neoprene phone case is one of the best ways to protect your phone. The shock-resistant properties of neoprene can prevent the phone from being damaged if it is dropped or bumped into something.

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