Photo gifts can be personalized to include one or more of your favorite pictures based on any subject. Many of the personalized objects can also include text captions or personal messages to give them even more customization and an even greater character. Items range from the stunning photo canvas to the more unique and fun photo bags as well as the comfortable and great quality photo blankets and photo cushions. For the pet lover, any of these items can be personalized with a photo of any of your pets.

Photo Blankets

Like photo cushions, photo blankets combine comfort with great looks in one neat bundle. And, also like photo cushions, you can use them yourself or have one created as a pet blanket for your cat or dog. There are three sizes available and the photo blanket is another good opportunity to make the most of a photo montage incorporating the best shots of all of your pets. If you want to buy a pet photo blanket, then you may visit

Photo Canvases

Are you mad about your cat, dog, or any other pet? Then why not show them off to everybody that visits your home by having them turned into an incredible piece of wall art. The photo canvas offers exceptional quality and great looks thanks to the use of woven canvas, a gallery grade frame, and spacers to offer a long life for the picture. 

Photo Cushions

A photo cushion can be used as a comfortable place to sit for your pet, or it can be added to one of the rooms in your house to give it a little extra character and comfort. Measuring 44cm square, the photo cushion is not only great-looking and comfortable but is a large cushion by any standard. 



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