I’m sure when you take it out of the box, you sit for a moment and stare in awe at this shiny, sleek, high-tech novelty. Wow, look at that big beautiful screen. You turn it on and play it a bit, feeling what it feels like to hold it in your impatient little hand.

Now it meets your expectations, maybe a little more. You can’t wait to show it to your friends and coworkers. You think of all the calls you will get with this beauty. Here’s how to surf the web for information and use Google Maps to find your destination. Maybe you listen to music and play a game or two a day.

This is why the iPhone is the best multimedia device for today’s busy world. Then you realize you just invested $ 400 (or more) in this baby and you need to protect your beloved investment from scratches, falls, and breaks.

The next thing that comes to mind is that you need a good case for your iPhone fast. While iPhones are relatively new, there are some great, high-quality iPhone cases out there. The choices vary from thighs to cool practicality.

Here are some designer iPhone case options:

Leather case for iPhone

Coupled with the popularity of iPhones, there’s a new leather case that offers both protection and great style. Leather cases are a very popular choice among iPhone users.

The new case from Orion should fit your iPhone like a glove. It has a simple, elongated design with retractable tabs that allow you to easily remove your iPhone from its case. Great colour choice. Apart from black, there are nine colours to choose from, including pink, white, and green.

Soft polycarbonate case for iPhone

A polycarbonate is a form of tough plastic that is resistant to temperature and shocks. They’re great material for iPhone cases. The Cozi is an excellent polycarbonate case for an ultra-slim and modern iPhone. It feels supple, prevents accidental slipping, and has a hole for the camera lens, volume control, and headphone jack so you can use your phone while sitting down. 

Silicone case for iPhone

Silicone cases are already popular for iPods. If you already have one for your iPod, you’ll be glad to know that you can get it for your iPhone. The silicone sleeve offers an easy grip and excellent scratch protection. 

There is a clear screen protector for the film which comes with a case which prevents scratches. This case is available in black, transparent and pink.

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