Real accident footage: The main benefit of such a camera is that you have real accident footage at your fingertips – not just yours, but someone's crash as well. Such footage can protect innocent people by showing what really happened.

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Evidence in court: If the video is recorded in a public place, it can be used as evidence in court. However, privately-owned recordings may not be used.

Help catch the crash and escape the driver: it's hard to sue if you can't identify the driver. Cameras can help capture the driver and can show the true version of events when a driver was seriously injured or died in an accident.

Prevent the cause of the accident: Videos can help determine the cause of the accident and possibly prevent it from happening again. Debris on the road, broken brakes, runaway animals, all of these can be the cause of an accident. These records can help prove that the accident was not your fault.

Protect yourself from false claims: Cameras can protect you from false claims. Even a petty thief knows how to take keys, but the camera on the steering wheel can act as a deterrent, he will think twice before targeting you.

Cameras are a must in today's scenario when incidents and crimes occur from time to time. It's not a safety device, but it can prevent you from holding the larger box.

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